Philips OLED Mirrorwall – What a Waste of OLEDs!

Posted Fri Feb 26, 2010 at 11:30 AM PST by Mike Attebery

The good news is that Philips is ready to put OLEDs into your house. The bad news is that, well, they’re pretty pointless.

For just $15,000 per square meter, you can get dozens of OLED panels that sort of act like a mirror. “Sort of” because they don’t do a very good job of mirroring. They just sort of outline your body (or your face if you get really close) in black while the surrounding panels shine white.

Far be it from me to judge someone for their choices of lighting solutions. As I type, I’ve got the Philips amBX lighting system pulsing along to my music. I get the ambient light thing, and I get the idea of having something that’s a bit gimmicky in your home to show off. What I don’t get is why we can’t be doing something better with all those OLEDs.

If you’re into it, you can pick up a square meter for between ten and twelve thousand Euros, which comes out to around fifteen thousand dollars. If you’re just looking for a temporary setup though, you can rent the full mirror wall directly from Philips for about $15k a week.

Source: OLED-Info

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