DuPont Prints 50 Inch OLEDs in Less Than Two Minutes

Posted Wed May 19, 2010 at 10:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

Faster production could result in lower prices.

Last week, DuPont announced that they'd developed a new process for printing OLED screens that speeds the process up greatly. Thanks to a custom made printer by a company called Dainippon, they're able to pump out as many as 30 screens in an hour.

The technology behind this is incredibly complex and uses words like "active molecules," but DuPont's William Feehery explains it for us simply. "The Dainippon printer works like a garden hose," he says. Rather than creating droplets of ink, like other OLED printers, it generates a stream of ink, and moves at speeds of up to five meters per second.

There's a concern though, and Feehery knows it well. "The key question is, when you scale up, does the cost per square inch drop or go up?" DuPont is betting on lower costs thanks to this higher rate of production. It's another step on the way to finally getting OLEDs into homes.

Source: Technology Review

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