Forget Haunted Mansions and Bad Dreams, 'New Super Luigi U' Celebrates the Year of Luigi

Posted Fri Jan 24, 2014 at 07:30 AM PST by
New Super Luigi U

The High-Def Digest Review of 'New Super Luigi U' is now live.

One need only to know of Nintendo's Mario Brothers to know that Luigi usual rates less than second fiddle after his iconic brother. The lanky green plumber has his fans though, and that likely motivated Nintendo to declare the "Year of Luigi." These past ten months have seen Luigi rise to prominence, and there can be no more promising example than a Luigi-starred platformer. With ghost vacuums out of the picture, it's time to put Luigi to work. Does 'New Super Luigi U' hold a candle to the recent Mario starred installments of the series? Find out now in the High-Def Digest Review.

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