Nippon Electric's "Invisible Glass" Almost Eliminates Reflections

Posted Thu Nov 3, 2011 at 09:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

The possible applications for TVs could be very exciting.

The folks at Nippon Electric Glass have created something new that seems like it could have some very exciting uses in home theater. It's a new type of glass that reflects nearly all of the light that hits it. Normal glass reflects eight percent of light while the new tech that's been dubbed "invisible glass" reflects just a half of a percent.

The human eye works based on reflected light. Light reflecting off of objects hits the eye and that gets turned into the images that we see. An object with nearly no light bouncing off of it, therefore, is nearly invisible to the human eye, making "invisible glass" live up to its moniker.

No light reflecting off of the glass also means a very limited amount of glare when lights are shining directly at it. Imagine that in a plasma set.

It also stands to reason that more light getting through the glass would also mean that TVs wouldn't need to be as bright with this new glass, and could save energy and add life to the set itself.

As it is with almost all display technologies - OLED, AMOLED, glasses-free 3D - expect this one to start off in smaller screens like the ones on cell phones, tablets and digital cameras.

Source: PetaPixel

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