Netflix Gets Rights to New Shows from Warner

Posted Tue Jan 8, 2013 at 09:15 AM PST by Dick Ward

According to the deal, Netflix gets rights to eight different shows, including those not yet airing.

One of the big reasons that people trend towards Netflix is the ability to catch up on shows they've missed, or to sit back and power through an entire season of a show in a day – essential when you're sick. Netflix knows where their bread is buttered and has made it a point to secure more

Shows covered in the deal include the upcoming J.J. Abrahms drama "Revolution," the USA network miniseries "Political Animals," and ABC's "666 Park Avenue." It's not clear just how soon episodes will be available, but they'll definitely be coming quicker than they have in the past. From the quotes, it sounds like some may even be next-day.

"SVOD has become an important window for our serialized dramas, allowing viewers a chance to discover a series that before might have been intimidating to tune into mid-run," says Warner Bros. president Bruce Rosenblum. "We continue to adapt our business models to include SVOD when it makes sense for the long-term value of each show and are thrilled to have Netflix as one of our distribution partners."

Source: Home Media Magazine

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