Amusing Infographic Ranks the Cost of Rental Apartments in Netflix Shows

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A new infographic has revealed just how much you can expect to pay per month to live in the homes of Kimmy Schmidt and Pablo Escobar.

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to live in the Bluth Family's Sudden Valley housing development? Or how about Joyce Byer's home in Hawkins, Indiana? Well, a handy infographic courtesy of has done all the math for you, offering an amusing look at the price of some iconic housing rentals from several popular Netflix Original Shows.

The list includes real-world rental estimates for locations from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Stranger Things, Luke Cage, Arrested Development, House of Cards, BoJack Horseman, Narcos, and Trailer Park Boys, along with fun bits of trivia about each rental and their surrounding neighborhoods.

Check out a full rundown of the rental costs below, ranked from the least expensive to the most outrageous by

Trailer Park Boys – $463

The Trailer Park Boys characters live in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia near Halifax, the park is in disrepair due to Mr. Lahey’s and Randy's drunkenness and distraction.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – $650

Kimmy is renting a garden-level place in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood. It’s a 2-bedroom if you include the closet with a window where Kimmy lives. However, it’s a bit of a dive — the shower is in the kitchen and the floors are painted dirt.

Stranger Things – $767

The 3-bedroom, 1-bath is located in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. It's a one story single-family in a wooded area on the outskirts of town. The property also has a shed and dog house. As an added amenity, the place is supernaturally charged.

Luke Cage – $2,100

Luke's 1-bedroom Harlem apartment is above Genghis Connie’s Chinese restaurant. But the real-life street corner was filmed in Washington Heights at the corner of 171st Street and Broadway.

Arrested Development – $2,470

It's a 3,000-square-foot model home in the fictional Sudden Valley subdivision. The 3-bedroom, 3-bath home has a hidden room to store the family secrets, plus a large attic for hiding parental fugitives. It is the same design that was used for Saddam Hussein's palaces in Iraq. The model home was poorly constructed. There was no foundation poured, and the drain pipes empty under the living room, causing it to sink.

House of Cards – $2,300-$5,800

The D.C. home of Francis and Claire Underwood is located at 1609 Far St. NW, Washington, D.C.. It is a modest-sized brownstone townhouse located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. It has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, plus a full-size basement with exposed brick as a backdrop for your rowing machine. Currently, it's outfitted with high-end decor, crown molding and other classic touches.

BoJack Horseman – $27,500

BoJack's place overlooks the iconic Hollywood sign. Built on the side of a mountain, the modernist architecture includes a wraparound deck and an inground pool. With an abundance of natural light, the open floor plan has a full kitchen with mid-century-styled bar stools for entertaining. What a mess — BoJack's rental is not neat and tidy like in most TV shows. 

Narcos – Millions

Hacienda Napoles is the luxury estate of Escobar. The Spanish-style colonial villa had many amenities, including: an airstrip, helipads, 24 artificial lakes, a swimming pool containing a marble statue of Venus, a go-kart track, a 500-seat bullfighting arena, a classic car collection, a hovercraft, one of the world's largest private zoos (with elephants, giraffes, ostriches, tigers, zebras, exotic birds and hippos), landscaping that features life-size concrete dinosaurs that Escobar built for his son, and a replica of the propeller plane that carried Escobar's first U.S.-bound shipments of cocaine.


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