Netflix is Going Disc Free on the PS3 By October

Posted Fri Jul 23, 2010 at 07:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

The issue was discussed in the company's earnings report, but there was no mention of whether a PlayStation Plus membership would be required.

Going with a disc based solution was a slick way to get Netflix on the PS3 without violating any agreements with Microsoft or waiting for software support to be added to the system. Using Netflix on the PS3 is decidedly less slick. The need to use a disc is a pain, and the interface is awkward at best.

Luckily, a change is in the works. According to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in a recent Q&A session, a disc free application for the PS3 is on its way before the next earnings report, which hits in October. Not bad at all considering we thought we'd have to wait until 2011.

What Hastings did not talk about was the potential need for a PlayStation Plus membership. Sony has said that they will not start charging for any currently free services, but disc free streaming currently isn't free. It seems unlikely, but it's entirely possible.

Source: Hacking Netflix, Netflix Earnings Reports

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