Netflix Streaming Viewership is Increasing Dramatically

Posted Thu Apr 1, 2010 at 10:55 AM PDT by Mike Attebery

Despite a lot of criticism about video quality and title selection, Netflix streaming soars.

It’s easy to dog on the Netflix streaming service. In terms of video quality, even the HD streams could be improved, and of course, if you’re watching on a PC, you can’t even get HD. 5.1 channel audio is on the way, but until then we’ve got to deal with stereo. It’s less than perfect.

Despite the criticisms, the one big plus can’t be overlooked. Netflix is an incredibly inexpensive and convenient way to get unlimited access to movies, and as a great man once said, “Give me Convenience or Give Me Death!”

Netflix started streaming movies back in 2007 and the initial take-off was pretty slow. Once people caught wind of just what they could do, and once Netflix started hitting game systems and Blu-ray players, it started to get huge.

In 2009, the ratio of instantly viewed movies to standard delivery was nearly 2:1, in Instant Watch’s favor. In 2010, the amount of movies watched instantly has already surpassed the total for Netflix streaming movies in 2008.

Source: Feed Fliks

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