'The Guided Fate Paradox' Dated for PS3

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The Guided Paradox

Play as god in this story-based roguelike.

'The Guided Fate Paradox' is coming to the West, and will give players the opportunity to guide fates in the role of Renya Kagurazaka. Renya, a high school student, who has won the role of god as part of a grocery store lottery.

From NIS America, "Now your job as God is to guide people’s fates by entering the Fate Revolution Circuit, a nifty doodad that creates a Copy World of reality. It’s in this Copy World where you’ll do battle against aberrations — the physical manifestations of the things preventing people from becoming what they want — and help people achieve their potential. But you’ll soon discover that there may be darker forces beyond just these aberrations that are trying to keep you from guiding these fates…"

The game is the spiritual successor to the cult-hit 'Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman,' but 'The Guided Fate Paradox' is poised to become mainstream with fate by fate dungeon dispatching.

"So, do you have what it takes? Max out your insane equipment, perform out-of-this-world attacks (literally) on hordes of enemies, and battle side-by-side with some wicked angels to steer Cinderella, a human-fearing zombie, and a cast of other colorful characters to their proper fate revolutions. Take on these randomly generated dungeons, and show the world that you were meant to win that lottery and become God! Just don’t try to steal from the cactus…"

'The Guided Fate Paradox' is due for PS3 in North America on November 5th, and October 28th in Europe.

You can find the latest info on 'The Guided Fate Paradox' linked from our Video Game Release Schedule.

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Author: Brian Hoss

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