Miiverse the Standout Feature for the Wii U Thus Far

Posted Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 09:30 AM PST by
Breaking Bad in the Miiverse

The random Mii messages, the fascinating drawings that hover from random Miis throughout the user base suggest that Nintendo has taken a step forward for online game services and social networks.

Even through the launch issues, Stephen Totilo (of Kotaku) very dryly tries to detail every aspect of the Miiverse, but begins by suggesting that it "Isn't Xbox Live. It Might Be Something Better."

Using the Wii U's many control options to navigate around to spy the creative, funny, random, or even just questioning messages illustrates the possibilities of the interface options as well as anything has thus far.

For instance, leaving the Miiverse for the Netflix App with its comparably minimal amount of information and navigation is almost jarring.

Source: Kotaku

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