Trio of Videos Show Off Xbox One Peripherals

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Xbox One Peripherals

Impulse triggers, thumb mute, and a farewell to disposable batteries.

Microsoft has released a trio a videos highlighting some major features on some of the Xbox One's most important peripherals. After Major Nelson's revelation today, two of the three peripherals will be included in both the Day One and standard versions of the Xbox One. The three peripherals are the Xbox One wireless controller, the Xbox One Chat headset, and the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit.

For the Xbox One wireless controller, the video promises that you will feel the action like never before with the "Impulse Triggers," which contain vibration motors similar to the style used for force feedback in the last ten plus years of console controllers. New responsive thumbsticks with radial traction surfaces are mentioned, as is the "precision d-pad." The video concludes by declaring the new controller the "best controller Xbox has ever made." The video does not mention if the 360 and original Xbox controllers now feel diminished as a result.

For the Xbox One Chat Headset, the video fails to mention that the recent change that will seem the headset included with each new Xbox One. The video does describe the headset as providing "crystal clear" chat, and being comfortable for long gaming sessions. The headset has a rotating, bendable microphone and looks like a refined version of the familiar 360 design. Where the headset connects to the controller, a large control pad suggests that players will be able to mute the microphone and modify the headset speaker volume without moving their hands from the controller. This design is described as "control at your fingertips."

Finally, the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit video shows how the battery pack resides inside the controller, and is easily accessible. The pack is charged exactly like the 360 version, through a port on top of the controller. The charging cable is nine feet in length. One new feature in the design is the ability to connect the charging cable directly to the battery for charging without a controller and is described as "recharge while you play or afterwards." The battery is described as chargeable in "under 4 hours."

One sensible option for Xbox One buyers planning to get a second controller is to purchase a combination Controller with Play and Charge Kit, which offers a $10 savings versus buying the two items separately.

Source: Polygon

Author: Brian Hoss

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