Microsoft Hints at Xbox 360 HD-DVD Add-On Price?

Posted Wed May 10, 2006 at 11:11 AM PDT by
Xbox 360 & HD-DVD Add-On Drive Has Microsoft inadvertently revealed the price for its just-announced HD-DVD add-on drive for the Xbox 360?

Online game and technology sites are abuzz with news that the company posted the cost of the device on its official Xbox website for a brief time this morning, before the information was quickly pulled. According to reports from readers at various websites includingAVS Forum and The Digital Bits, a $199 price for the add-on device appeared as a part of this E3 report at, before disappearing.

Should the posted information turn out to be true, the combined cost of the $399 Xbox 360 and $199 HD-DVD add-on drive would place it in the same range as Sony's upcoming Blu-Ray-driven PlayStation 3, which Sony announced yesterday will arrive in two configurations, a $499 20 GB version and a more pricey $599 60 GB model.

Microsoft would only confirm that the pricing and availability details on the accessory will be announced at a later date, and would not confirm nor deny the $199 HD-DVD add-on cost rumor.

However, the company did release a picture of HD-DVD drive's design yesterday at E3 during a press conference. The add-on is about the size of a standard external 3.5'' drive, comes housed in a styled off-white case with perforated grey faceplate and appeared to be designed to stand vertically next to the Xbox 360 vertically.

At the conference, Microsoft spokesperson Peter Moore also promised that the add-on would be a "bargain" compared to other high-def options, and will be in stores by this holiday season.
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