Is 'Mass Effect' Primed for a Spin-off?

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Developers tease possibility of a game without Commander Shepard.

After nearly a decade of development on 'Mass Effect,' players have been left with three titles and the possibility of a new direction. That new direction could easily come focused on one of the many memorable characters from the 'Mass Effect' universe. In an interview with OXM, a roundtable of 'Mass Effect' developers, including director Casey Hudson, talked up several possibilities.

Up first would seem to be the Turian, Garrus. The character worked in a number of interesting capacities not the least of which was Citadel security (C-Sec). Combining that with his soldiering, special operative time, his turn as a vigilante, and Garrus would seem to be prolific enough to star in his own game, and that is before considering an entire game based around the Turians.

Casey Hudson, "There's so much that could be told in the Mass Effect universe. It'd be cool to do something completely unrelated to the larger storyline, like a story about a private investigator on the Citadel. Or maybe something detailing Garrus' time in C-Sec."

Of course, there is also Omega underworld queen Aria, the Martin Sheen powered Illusive Man, the series' hard cases, the Krogan, and even DLC-born Javik, the Prothean.

It is easy to bet, though, that the next 'Mass Effect' is in full production over at BioWare Edmonton, so any potential spin-off game would come next. Still, considering that 'Mass Effect' is far more successful than most of EA's franchises, and that EA is scrambling for new sure-bet productions, a 'Mass Effect' spin-off may not be far off.

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Author: Brian Hoss

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