DC Universe Online Goes Free to Play November 1st

Posted Thu Oct 27, 2011 at 05:30 AM PDT by Dick Ward

The PS3 and PC based MMO will be completely free, with perks for those who pay.

Buying into a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game can be a bit of a risk. Fans of the genre can sympathize after investing money into games like 'Star Wars: Galaxies,' which flopped so very badly. There's really only one safe bet out there, but if you're not interested in 'World of Warcraft' then you're going to do a bit of gambling.

That's where the free to play model comes in. If you've ever wanted to try out 'DC Universe Online' but you didn't feel like dropping the cash for it, you're in for a treat come November 1st. The game is going to be completely free.

Of course, there are a few incentives for you to spend a bit more cash. If you spend $5 or more on in-game items like extra inventory slots, bank slots and character slots you'll be upgraded to Premium, which gives you more allowances than the free version. Those paying $15 a month get a full ride, including free expansions and unlimited chat, mail and the ability to form leagues.

When the free to play model hits, it will be available for download from the 'DC Universe Online' website for PC gamers and on PSN for those on the PlayStation 3.

Source: Massively

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