Sony to 'RoboCop': You're Terminated

Posted Sun Aug 13, 2006 at 09:22 PM PDT by
RoboCop [Blu-Ray Box Art] Only days before its scheduled Blu-ray debut on August 15, 'RoboCop' has been unceremoniously yanked from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment upcoming release slate, the studio has announced.

After MGM surprised the industry earlier this year by shifting the distribution of all its home video titles from Sony to Fox Home Entertainment, Sony announced it would still release all MGM titles that the studio had originally scheduled for Blu-ray, including 'The Terminator,' 'The Last Waltz' and 'Species,' which hit stores last month, as well as 'RoboCop.'

However, Sony released this short statement earlier today announcing that 'RoboCop' would not make it to stores after all.

"Due to the recent changes within MGM Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will no longer be distributing 'RoboCop' on Blu-ray disc. Therefore, at this time it will not be made available to consumers."

However, while this news may appear grim for 'RoboCop' fans as Fox Home Entertainment has yet to schedule their first titles on Blu-ray, there may be a silver lining to Sony's announcement after all. As we voiced in our recent review of 'RoboCop', we found the title to be by the far the worst-looking title yet released on Blu-ray. So here's to hoping that when Fox does finally get around to releasing 'RoboCop' on the next-gen format, they will also remaster the title in the fashion it deserves.

We've updated our complete Blu-ray Release Schedule with the cancellation; our 'RoboCop' review has also been permanently archived for reference purposes only.
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