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by Luke Hickman

Considering we're in the dead season of film releases, we here at High-Def Digest figured this might be a very good time to raise your spirits by reminding you of the movies coming to theaters in the very near future. This will be our first monthly preview of what's coming to theaters near you very, very soon. Hang in there film fans!

Hopefully some of the titles listed below will help you make it through the rest of the month.

Listed are the good and the bad - just to give you a little perspective.

Sept. 16


Buzzing since its Best Director win at the Cannes Film Festival, 'Drive' is finally racing into theaters on American soil. Ryan Gosling and his “photo-shopped abs” from 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' play the film's lead. Stunt driver by day, getaway driver by night, he gets deep into trouble when a botched job results in a hit placed on his head. Talk about driving for your life. 'Drive' also co-stars the gorgeous and talented Carey Mulligan.

'I Don't Know How She Does It'

I literally don't know how she does it. How in the world does Sarah Jessica Parker get leading Hollywood roles? Did anyone even see 'Did You Hear About the Morgans?' No. It flopped. And so did Parker's flagship series' sequel, the unwatchable 'Sex and the City 2.' Why do we still have to suffer through her movies? Her time is up.

I love how boring IMDb makes 'I Don't Know How She Does It' sound in the movie's summary. “A comedy centered on the life of Kate Reddy, a finance executive who is the breadwinner for her husband and two kids.” Wow, sounds amazing.

'Straw Dogs'

While some are shouting “Heresy!” over the fact that Sam Peckinpah's classic film has been remade, I for one think the new version looks pretty awesome. James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, and that pretty dude from 'True Blood' play the leads in this taunting tale of harassment and home invasion.

Imagine a 'Home Alone' for adults. How would you defend your wife and house from deadly intruders? Newlyweds Marsden and Bosworth move back to her family's farm and get guff from one of her ex-boyfriends. If the remake captures one-tenth of the intensity of the original, 2011's 'Straw Dogs' is going to be fantastic.

'The Lion King (in 3D)'

Double-dipping for a better transfer of a Blu-ray is one thing, but hauling the family out to an expensive 3D movie that you're probably going to end up buying when it's released three weeks later is another. I'm not taking my daughter out to see 'Lion King' when I know I'll end up buying the Blu-ray that hits shelves on October 4.

Disney did the same thing with the 'Toy Story' movies prior to their Blu-ray debut, only you got to see a double feature for the price of one movie. I just don't see 'The Lion King' having that same success.

Sept. 23


Lionsgate is testing the star power of 'Twilight' man-child Taylor Lautner by giving him his first generic leading role. In 'Abduction,' Lautner finds one of his childhood photos on a missing persons website and sets off in an action-packed adventure to learn the truth behind his childhood and parents. Although it sounds a bit like 'Hanna,' I doubt we're going to get anything near that quality.

'Dolphin Tale'

Uh-oh. Are dolphins becoming the next penguins? 'Dolphin Tale' does star 'March of the Penguins' narrator Morgan Freeman, after all.

In this family-friendly flick, a little boy makes buddies with a dolphin that gets its tail chopped off in a crab trap. The boy stays by the dolphin's side as it has a prosthetic tail attached and learns to swim again. Could this be '127 Hours' for kids?

'Killer Elite'

In this action flick, Jason Statham must take down some of the world's best assassins and kill their boss, Clive Owen, in order to rescue the father figure, Robert De Niro, who trained him. From the writer and director of … nothing … and the star of 'Little Fockers,' don't expect much.


Normally, “based on a true story” sports movies are generic and formulaic, but when you look at who wrote 'Moneyball,' you might change your opinion on this one. Aaron Sorkin, writer of 'The Social Network,' co-wrote 'Moneyball' with 'Schindler's List' writer Steven Zaillian. Watching the Oakland A's general manager (Brad Pitt) unconventionally manage his team has never sounded so appealing. But be warned: Jonah Hill co-stars.

Sept. 30


Although I saw '50/50' over a month ago, I'm under embargo to not review it until opening day. Since I'm not allowed to say a single opinionated word, please feel free to jump to conclusions because I'm laying it on pretty thick.

Charming '(500) Days of Summer' actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays an average twenty-something who plays by the rules. After deciding to have a lingering backache checked out by a doctor, he discovers that he has a rare type of cancer on his spine. There's only a 50 percent chance that he might survive it.

If I hadn't already seen it, I'd be looking forward to '50/50' more than any other movie in September. From the first trailer, I thought '50/50' sure looked like it had the potential to be one of the best films of the year.

'Dream House'

Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Naomi Watts star in this mysterious thriller about a family that unknowingly moves into home where the previous occupants were all slaughtered. In an 'Amnityville Horror' manner, Craig starts going crazy when memories start flooding back that lead him to believe that he was the killer. It's an odd change from the director of 'My Left Foot' and 'In the Name of the Father,' but that might be a clue that it's worth giving this one a chance.

'What's Your Number?'

Given the right script, Anna Faris has the potential to be hilarious. Trailers can be deceiving, but the one for 'What's Your Number?' looks like it might be a perfect fit for her talents.

The tagline on the poster says, “Ally's looking for the best ex of her life.” When Faris looks back on her previous 20 failed relationships, she wonders if one of the exes may have been “the one” and starts checking in with them to see if her hunch is right. Playing a few of the exes are Chris Evans, Martin Freeman, Zachary Quinto, Andy Samberg, Aziz Ansari, and Joel McHale. You have to admit that this chick-ish flick has potential.

So what do you think? What titles are you looking forward to this month? What titles are you dreading? Please add your thoughts in the forum thread below!

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