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Tingle from 'Windwaker'

Shegeru Miyamoto revisting GameCube-Game Boy link concepts for the Wii U.

CVG is reporting on a recent Shigeru Miyamoto interview that touched on a concept that Nintendo debuted back at E3 in 2002.

That demonstration invloved Pac-Man Vs., wherein four could control the GameCube system using four Game Boy Advances and a special cable.

While the initial fanfare was positive, titles like 'Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles,' 'The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures,' 'Animal Crossing,' and 'LoZ: Windwaker,' were not enough for most players to combine a GameCube with multiple Game Boy Advances.

From CVG, "Nintendo got the ball rolling for asymmetric gaming, but unfortunately few titles utilised linking the GBA to the GameCube in an interesting way.

"Miyamoto would not reveal what his current plans are, but said that it's 'very likely' he will return to GameCube and Advance ideas that didn't work as planned the first time around."

Source: CVG

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