LG Will Ship Google TVs on May 21st

Posted Mon May 7, 2012 at 09:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

The Cinema 3D LED LCD sets will be available at 47 and 55 inches.

A pair of passive 3D sets are coming from LG this month, including LED backlighting, 120Hz refresh rates and a network connection so you can enjoy all your online content. They also pack Google TV, along with a full QWERTY keyboard.

Google TV, as a platform, hasn't been breaking down the barriers that folks seemed to think it would when it was first announced. It's a much better setup after recent updates, but that initial reputation has been hard to overcome.

LG's new Google TVs come it at $1,699 for the 47" version and $2,299 for the 55". Of course, you'll find them $100 and $200 cheaper respectively on Amazon.

Source: Home Media Magazine

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