'LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes' Showing off the Power of the Avengers

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Hulk, Captain America, and Spider-Man powers shown off in new gameplay video.

Eurogamer has poised an important question to Traveller's Tales, developer of the 'LEGO' titles including 'LEGO: Batman,' 'LEGO City: Undercover,' and the upcoming 'LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes.' "Just how does the developer plan to keep 'LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes' feeling fresh for those familiar with LEGO titles?" The answer seems to be to make the most of the license by focusing on which aspects of LEGO games are the most fun, and by having a sprawling Marvel narrative full of heroes and villains.

The game seems to take a strong influence from the recent 'Avengers' film as well as the other Marvel films. The main story involves Loki as he gathers other villains in attempt to take over the Earth. Unlike the films though, the 100 plus character roster combines Avengers' characters with characters from Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men to name a few. Deadpool was listed as an example of a character that punctuates parts of the game with brief appearances.

Sequences in the video show Captain America having to block flames with his shield and targeting enemies with his shield throws. The Hulk meanwhile switched between Hulk and Bruce Banner form while fighting Onslaught and the Sandman. Iron Man was able to fly around blasting his hand jets as Spider-Man slung webs around with both automatic and manually targeting.

'LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes' is due for the 360, PS3, Wii U, PC 3DS and PS Vita October 31st, and is available for pre-order.

Source: Eurogamer

Author: Brian Hoss

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