Once Trapped on the Genesis, An All-Time Great Game, 'General Chaos' Reawakens on Kickstarter

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General Chaos

Begs the question, why do publishers completely ignore certain games?

Back in the 1990's, there was a game console made by current publisher SEGA, and on that SEGA Genesis was an epic struggle for battlefield supremacy in the plastic shape of 'General Chaos.' Despite being published by seldom chancy Electronic Arts, the game's success and cult status has never breathed any kind of reprise. EA did not even bother to include it in the Genesis hit collection, 'EA replay' for the PSP.

But all that fail and lack of willingness to try to make a good game can now be overshadowed by the promising Kickstarter campaign for 'General Chaos II: Sons of Chaos.' This time around the game is being built for the PC among other possible platforms.

From Brian Colin, designer for the old and new 'General Chaos' among several other classic games, "In the original General Chaos, the Red army (under the command of the wizened General Havoc) charged into battle against the forces of the Blue army (led by the haughty General Chaos). Every conflict was confined to a single screen, with both sides fielding a squadron of up to five soldiers, each with unique weapon types and funny animation gags. Players could control all five soldiers in the same battle by using the Genesis D-pad (to move an onscreen cursor) and buttons (to switch characters, move to the cursor &/or attack).

"In Sons of Chaos, the armies of Chaos and Havoc are at it again...but this time, you'll be able to just touch on a soldier and then touch on the spot where you want him to go.We plan to add multiplayer modes that use online and LAN connectivity to give each player his own dynamic, scrolling 3-D view of the battlefield. New weapons, new squad formation and movement options, new characters (including NPCs)...the list goes on and on!

"The Core Game is primarily a reinvention of the fast paced original, but we’re using today’s technology to make it easier & more FUN to play. It will have a simple, intuitive Touchscreen (or Mouse & Keyboard) controls. Single Player, Multi-Player LAN / Multi-Player Internet game play options. Featured dynamic cameras that follow the cartoony combatants across scrolling, interactive, 3D environments."

'General Chaos II: Sons of Chaos' is scheduled for July 2014. The game is not a pixel-art based RPG, and funding is by no means a certainty.

You can find the latest info on 'General Chaos II: Sons of Chaos' linked from our Video Games Release Schedule.

Source: Kickstarter via Kotaku

Author: Brian Hoss

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