Of Wanted Lists and Foreign Imports

Posted Wed Oct 29, 2008 at 10:00 AM PDT by Mike Attebery

Our own Ken Brown has been keeping busy with a series of articles on the state of Blu-ray. He's just posted a couple of stories relating to issues all too familiar to home theater enthusiasts: Wanted Lists and Import Titles.

Long time High-Def Digest readers are more than familiar with discussions along the lines of "When will 'such-and-such title' finally be out on Blu-ray?!!" Only to get a response that goes something like, "It's out in France, you can import it." In his latest piece for Sound & Vision, Ken explores both these subjects, first with his list of the 'The Ten Most Wanted Blu-ray Flicks,' and then with his examination of that most troubling example of failing to keep up with the home video Joneses: 'Five Reasons Foreign Home Video Kicks U.S. Butt.'

For more information on importing BD discs, visit the BD imports thread in our forums area. To read more of Ken's thoughts on the Blu-ray market, check out his list of the horror movies that MUST be released on Blu-ray NOW!

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