Kaleidescape's 300-Disc Vault Gets Around the DRM Issue - Sort Of

Posted Tue Aug 3, 2010 at 09:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

The addition of two disc vaults means you can finally stream Blu-rays in your house. And it only costs a couple grand!

Just imagine it. You're upstairs in your room and you want to watch a Blu-ray, but it's all the way downstairs. To add to the problem, you don't have a Blu-ray player in your room. If you've got an extra couple thousand dollars on hand, Kaleidescape can solve that for you.

Up until recently, their in-home streaming service was horribly inconvenient. Any time you wanted to watch a different disc, you had to go to the main player and switch the disc. It's a DRM thing – you can't play the video if the disc isn't there.

Thanks to their new Disc Vaults, you can pop your collection into the carousel and stream anywhere in the house. Assuming you have Kaleidescape players on each of those televisions.

Two different solutions will be released. The first is the Modular Disc Vault, which needs to be attached to a M300 player by a USB cable. You'll be shelling out around $1,500 for that. The Integrated Disk Vault simply requires a connection to your home network and will sell for "no more than $6,000."

Source: CE Pro

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