No. 1 Wish List License for 'The Walking Dead' Studio? 007

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James Bond

'Star Wars' happens to be a second choice.

Telltale Games has struck a chord with its 'The Walking Dead' episodic game series, and their other games include licenses like 'Fables,' 'Back to the Future,' 'Jurassic Park,' and the upcoming 'Game of Thrones,' and 'Borderlands.' So that begs the question, just what license would be the next triumph for the developer?

Kevin Bruner, co-founder of Telltale, "I'm a giant James Bond fan."

The dialogue and choice heavy (subtle choices) style of recent Telltale titles paint an interesting portrait of a possible game starring the famous secret agent. But what about James Bond has the developer intrigued aside from the obvious? "I'm always frustrated by games that make him a mass murderer.

"He's a super-spy, and that's a different skillset. The films make him less of a mass murderer, and there's not much killing in the books - more spying and intrigue."

Of course, this may just be wishful thinking. But if the developer can capitalize with its 'Game of Thrones' series, there may be a who's who of licenses lining up at the door. And that is where another of Bruner's desired IPs comes into play, 'Star Wars.'

Source: OXM

Author: Brian Hoss

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