TDK Creates 320GB, 10 Layer Blu-ray Disc

Posted Tue Oct 6, 2009 at 01:00 PM PDT by Mike Attebery

In an ongoing effort to improve the technology, TDK has created a Blu-ray disc that’s capable of holding an unprecedented three hundred and twenty gigabytes of data.

A step up over their previous record breaking 200GB disc, there were a great many issues that TDK faced when making the new 320GB discs. First, signal quality and strength decrease dramatically with each layer. The solution in creating such a high storage medium with so many layers was varying the materials with each layer. The bottom layer is unique, using a mixture of copper and silver, while each layer above it is composed of bismuth peroxide and germanium dioxide.

The error rate of the discs is at the threshold of commercial viability according to TDK, and the lasers for both reading and writing the discs are standard. The discs will be shown at Japan’s CEATEC this week, where we can expect to hear more about when consumers might begin to benefit from the new tech.

Source: Tech On!

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