Surround Records Announces Dual-Format Format

Posted Thu Jan 31, 2008 at 08:00 AM PST
uncommon back dual

Indie distributor Surround Records has announced it will begin rolling out Blu-ray editions of its previously-issued HD DVD titles this Spring.

The previously HD DVD-exclusive label has issued a half a dozen multichannel audio releases since making its high-def debut this past summer with 'Uncommon Bach.' It now says it will expand its high-def disc support to include Blu-ray in addition to HD DVD.

Though multichannel audio releases (sans any significant video material) are fairly common on standard-def DVD, Surround Records is currently the only label actively releasing titles on the two next-gen disc formats.

As press time there was no word on which of Surround's titles would be first to hit Blu-ray, nor had an exact timeframe for the Blu-ray releases been set.

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