Will Time Warner Customers Miss Out on Fox in 2010?

Posted Sun Jan 3, 2010 at 04:45 PM PST by Mike Attebery

Disagreements in pricing between the two companies continue to go on unresolved. If Fox follows through on their threats, you may soon wake up without some of your favorite channels.

It’s a pretty straightforward disagreement, but one that may leave Time Warner cable subscribers in the lurch. Fox wants more money for their programming. Time Warner doesn’t want to pay more. Of course, if Time Warner pays more, that means the customer pays more.

So what could this mean to you? If Fox stays true to their threat, they’ll be pulling the plug in 2010. Fox owns a pretty large part of the television spectrum, so this threat could extend far. Obviously, Fox, Fox News, the Fox Sports Network and Fox movie channels would be affected.

Less blatantly branded channels could be caught up in this move too, like FX, the Speed Channel, and the National Geographic channel.

Time Warner has set up a website – RollOverorGetTough.com – to help educate consumers on the issue, and to teach them how to cope without the Fox channels if they’re pulled from the cable provider. Their recommendations are twofold. Either buy a digital tuner to pick up local channels, or get the shows online at Fancast or Hulu. The site also features instructions for setting up an HTPC.

Source: Time Warner

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