NHK Debuts Hybrid Internet/Cable Delivery System for 3D Content

Posted Wed Jun 1, 2011 at 09:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

It's still very much in the prototype stage, but combining broadband with traditional cable delivery could be a future solution for content delivery.

NHK, also known as the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, has some very interesting plans for delivering 3D content - they're combining broadband streaming and standard television delivery into one.

The way the tech works is easier said than done. To allow for a true 1080p 3D picture, you need 1080p going to each eye. NHK's Hybridcast technology does this by sending a 1080p signal to one eye via traditional delivery and a second 1080p signal to the other broadband.

"We embed time stamp signals that are embedded in airwaves for synchronizing video and called PTS also in video data to be transmitted via a communication line," says NHK, "And we synchronize images for the right and left eyes based on PTS on the side of TV."

Better 3D is just one of the ideas the company has for Hybridcast, and suggests that metadata transmission using timestamps is on the way as well.

Source: Tech-On (via Engadget)

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