Sony Says 3D Broadcasting Possible In 2-3 Years

Posted Mon Aug 10, 2009 at 11:30 AM PDT by Mike Attebery

"Do you really need those silly glasses? The answer is yes."

SIGGRAPH’s 2009 conference is wrapping up, but not before a serious amount of talk about bringing 3D to the home, as reported by The Sun Herald. The Special Interest Group on Graphic and Interactive Technologies invited Peter Lude, Sony’s senior VP of systems engineering to speak on the subject of 3D video, and where it realistically stands as a possibility in the market.

While one of the primary issues is the matter of agreeing on a standard, Lude says that’s the last thing that Sony wants to deal with. “We'd sure hate to see that ... It's costly and slows everything down.” He stated that he could see an agreement on standards happening within the next few years.

3D presentation presents a problem in the home, since viewing angles can change an experience in a way not intended by the creator. “You actually can see several different views of the same object, as if you're walking around it in real life. This is good for advertising, but not for cinematic storytelling, where the director had a very specific viewpoint that he intend viewers to see.”

There are a few outlets for 3D material at the moment, including a Tokyo satellite service and an upcoming channel on Sky TV, but for 3D to take foothold in mainstream America, it’ll take some time.

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