One Third of Hollywood Revenue Comes from 3D

Posted Tue Apr 20, 2010 at 08:00 AM PDT by Mike Attebery

Ever wonder why companies are so excited by the 3D craze? It’s all about numbers like these.

According to the data from the International 3D Society (I3DS), one third of Hollywood’s revenue came from 3D movies in the last year. This year is shaping up to be big too, says the I3DS.

'Avatar' was a giant draw, and it really went a long way toward putting 3D on the map. It’s the highest grossing movie of all time, after all. It also set a precedent for 3D movies. While both 'My Bloody Valentine' and 'Final Destination' had opening weekends with more 3D revenue than 2D, 'Avatar' was the first to do so on a massive scale. Over 80 percent of 'Avatar's revenue came from 3D ticket sales.

'Alice in Wonderland' didn’t do as well from a 3D point of view, but it still raked in 70 percent of its opening weekend revenue from 3D ticket sales. As I3DS President Jim Chabin puts it, “While this study is just a snap shot of what opening weekend's 3D grosses look like, these kinds of trends do reflect that consumers are obviously thrilled by 3D.”

Of course, these numbers only represent the opening weekend numbers, so we’re not looking at totals, which may reflect differently. They also don’t include 'Clash of the Titans,' which is a bit surprising.

What’s really interesting about the study is not that 3D ticket sales brought more revenue. Up until 'Avatar,' most of the 3D successes could be attributed to 3D tickets costing more. Post 'Avatar' though, it seems like people are more willing to shell out the extra cash for the three dimensional experience.

Source: International 3D Society

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