Tributaries Offers New HDMI Cables For Long and Expensive Runs

Posted Tue Mar 12, 2013 at 09:00 AM PDT by
Tributaries IHEC-X

IHEC-X cables can take 1080p up to 98 feet.

Tributaries Cable, a small firm out of Orlando, Florida, has updated its IHEC (HDMI Ethernet Channel) cables and added an IHEC-X cable for long-distance runs. These new cables contain long length IHEC and a HX102 cable extender, which is powered through a 5volt USB cable. The IHEC-X is said to extends 12-bit/color 1080p up to 98 feet using 24AWG HDMI cable, while an 8-bit/color 1080i signal can be taken up to 130 feet.

The updated IHEC cables have updated conductors, connector shielding, and a stronger connector design. The cables themselves have the companies Full Body Armor protective coating, both to ensure that digital signal is not interfered with at a frequency level and also at a physical one.

According to TWICE, the IHEC cables range in price $400 to $1,250, and the IHEC-X ranges from $735 to $1,385. While expensive cables are the butt of many a joke, especially when involving a digital signal, HDMI cable runs beyond 20 feet are typically problematic, and that is before incorporating theses cable supported Ethernet, 3D, Ultra HD and ARC.

Source: TWICE

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