Sony Japan Announces Release Dates and Pricing for 3D TVs

Posted Wed Mar 10, 2010 at 11:00 AM PST by Mike Attebery

Once Panasonic dropped some hints about their pricing and release dates, the rest of the big boys came out with theirs. The latest sets from Sony should be hitting soon, but we’ll have to wait for July to get the really good stuff.

The details on Sony’s sets aren’t going to surprise anyone. Aside from a few small tweaks, most new LED backlit LCD sets are going to have very similar specs. It’s no surprise that Sony’s TVs offer 240Hz refresh rates, 1080p resolution, real time 2D/3D conversion and a fantastic picture. It’s the tweaks though, that make the difference.

One feature unique to Sony is automatic distance and placement tuning. There are sweet spots for watching television and there are sweet spots for sound, but more important than both of those is the sweet spot for 3D programming. If you’re off too far, the effect is ruined. Sony’s LX900 and EX700 both have built-in technologies for detecting your position in a room and adjusting the picture accordingly.

Japanese customers will be able to pick up the 60” LX900 in mid-July for right about $6,500, while the 40” model runs about $3,200. The lower-end HX800 caps out at 46” and $3,100, and is available at 40” for $2,450.

It's expected that the actual US prices will be lower, just like Panasonic’s, but we won’t know until we hear something official from Sony.

Source: AV Watch (via Google Translate)

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