Sharp Wins ITC Ruling – Recommended That Some Samsung LCDs Be Banned

Posted Mon Nov 16, 2009 at 07:00 AM PST by Mike Attebery

After much deliberation and investigation, the International Trade Commission has determined that certain new Samsung LCD televisions contain patented technology belonging to Sharp.

Specifically which models would be prohibited from entering the US under this ruling is still a bit of a mystery, but with four total patent violations, it’s likely that this will affect more than a few displays.

The patents in question involve technologies created by Sharp, and not licensed to Samsung for use. Two of these patents have to do with liquid crystal alignment, which affects brightness and response time. Another is for a display with a wider viewing angle, and the fourth has to do with a technology created to reduce display flickering.

Samsung has a sixty day window to continue bringing these displays into the country – just enough to make sure that they have a happy holiday season – pending further review. If it is determined that the ban on these items would be against the public interest, the ruling by the ITC can be overruled.

Samsung states that they have workaround technology for their displays, and that their sales will not be affected. “We are fully committed to honor our responsibility to our business partners and are taking appropriate actions to meet the market demand for Samsung LCD panels and products without any interruption,” said Samsung spokesman James Chung.

Source: Reuters

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