LG Accidentally Leaks HDTV Release Dates and Specs

Posted Wed Feb 24, 2010 at 11:30 AM PST by Mike Attebery

Thanks to the accidental sharing of a Google Docs spreadsheet, we’ve got some early details of LG’s upcoming LCD releases.

There were a few releases today from LG that related to their new laptops, but what of more interest was the accidental leak of the new lineup of already announced and as of yet unseen televisions.

For starters, it looks like LG’s CES lineup - including the Infinia series is going to start hitting shelves next month. Releases will be trickled out until April, and then May will mark the beginning of the 3D boom for LG, when both 3D televisions and 3D Blu-ray players will begin hitting stores.

LG’s document also mentioned a 47 inch, 480Hz model that measures only a quarter of an inch thick, though other details are not available.

Finally, we learned a little bit more about LG’s Skype functionality. Like most TV manufacturers, they’ll be offering 720p Skype, and like most manufacturers, they’ll be bringing out their own webcams. Whether you’ll have to use that LG webcam is still up in the air.

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