"High-Def Digest-Digest" - January 18, 2011

Posted Tue Jan 18, 2011 at 12:03 PM PST by Dick Ward

The first few weeks of January have been huuuuuge, thanks in part to CES 2011.  New gear was announced, 3D technology was pushed further forward, and we got what might be the biggest Blu-ray announcement of all time!!! Not sure what we're talking about?  That's what the High-Def Digest-Digest is for.

Blu-ray News

'Star Wars' Announced for Blu-ray!
If you didn't hear about this one then you're really out of the loop.  The trilogy everyone's been waiting for and the trilogy everyone wants to forget about are hitting Blu-ray on September 18th.

'The Lion King' & 'Beauty and the Beast' Announced for Blu-ray 3D
Disney's going 3D with some of their classics, including 'The Lion King' and 'Beauty and the Beast.'  Even more titles are rumored, including 'Nightmare Before Christmas.'

'The Incredibles' Blu-ray Dated
It's always exciting when a Pixar movie goes HD, and we couldn't be more excited for the Blu-ray release of 'The Incredibles' on April 12.

'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' Criterion Announced For Blu-ray
If you're a 'Fear and Loathing' fan, you'll be happy to know that the Criterion Collection Blu-ray will be hitting shelves on April 26. We're still trying to get Drew Taylor to stop giggling and clapping his hands together maniacally.

'The Ten Commandments' Blu-rays Detailed
The Cecil B. Demille classic will be hitting Blu-ray on March 29th along with documentaries, commentary and more.

Blu-ray Director’s Panel – CES 2011
Oliver Stone, Baz Luhrmann, and Michael Mann sat down to talk about Blu-ray and what it means to them. 

The State of Blu-ray At CES 2011
There weren't very many big Blu-ray player announcements at CES 2011 - Dick Ward says that's a good sign.

Other News

Samsung Roundtable – CES 2011
Samsung holds a roundtable to discuss the present and future of the company with some of its top execs and a few members of the press. High-Def Digest is there.

Philips Announces World's First Wireless HDMI Blu-ray Player
Aside from the power cord, you can go wireless with the new Philips player, giving you freedom to put the player anywhere you want - within 100 feet of course.

Japan Gets First 3D Series, And It's a Drama!
Adventure? Excitement? A Japanese 3D audience craves not these things.  Even if they do want it, they're getting a drama about air traffic controllers instead.

Netflix Buttons Are Coming to Remotes Everywhere
Netflix fans with connected TVs and Blu-ray players will have an even easier time getting to their favorite streaming content thanks to the addition of Netflix specific buttons.

Goodbye Component - From Now On Only HDMI Will Do HD
Analog video users are out of luck thanks to the new standard.  Starting in 2013, Blu-ray players won't even offer component outputs.

The Bonus View

The Year in Review: The Best Films of 2010
Drew Taylor takes a look at the year's best and inspires controversy with 'Piranha 3D.'

How Soon is Too Soon for a Remake?
The impending remake of 'Total Recall' makes Josh Zyber ask - is twenty years too soon?

My Latest Addiction: 'Game Dev Story'
Dick Ward is hooked on an iPhone game - and he doesn't even have an iPhone.  'Game Dev Story' is the game worth borrowing your rommate's phone to play.

Worst Weekend Ever
Josh Zyber hates on Vampire Weekend, or at least one song in particular in his rant about the music used in TV commercials.

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