12 Free Discs With Toshiba’s Third-Gen HD DVD Players at Amazon

Posted Fri Dec 7, 2007 at 12:46 PM PST

Amazon is matching Wal-Mart’s latest HD DVD "secret sale" value-add -- and beating it with a 25% price cut.

The latest next-gen hardware deal from the web giant has actually been running for some time now in various forms, but is worth noting today if only because it actually improves upon a similar deal that’s been getting lots of press as part of Wal-Mart’s latest "secret sale," going on now.

Both retailers are offering a total of twelve free HD DVD discs with purchase of one of Toshiba’s 1080i HA-A3 HD DVD Player, but while Wal-Mart is selling the player at its list price of $298, Amazon is offering it $225 -- a 25% savings.

The web giant has also extended the same deal to Toshiba’s two 1080p third-gen HD DVD players -- the HD-A30 ($269.98) and the HD-A35 ($359.98), which are being offered at 33% and 28% off list price respectively.

Of the twelve free discs, two come packaged with the player in the box (‘300’ and ‘The Bourne Identity’), five are available via mail order from a pre-selected list, and the other five must be chosen from a list of 24 discs at time of purchase.

For complete details, click the link below:

Get 12 Free HD DVDs with Selected HD DVD Players [Amazon.com]

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