"High-Def Digest-Digest" January 3, 2011

Posted Mon Jan 3, 2011 at 01:00 PM PST by Dick Ward

The holidays are over, the leftovers are gone, and the new year has begun.  Back to a full work week without any of those nice vacation days. Time to work on your New Year's resolutions!  If one of those is keeping up on the news, the High-Def Digest-Digest is here to help.

Blu-ray News

'Soylent Green' Announced for Blu-ray
The Charlton Heston classic is finally going HD in March, complete with commentary and other special features.  Even more amazing - we don't go for the easy joke.

'Paranormal Activity 2' Blu-ray Announced and Detailed
If the original movie wasn't terrifying enough for you, 'Paranormal Activity 2' adds a dog and a baby, and what could be scarier than that?  Find out when it hits shelves on February 8th.

'48 Hrs' Blu-ray Dated and Detailed
Once cancelled, the Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte action flick '48 Hrs' is back on track for a February 22nd Blu-ray release. 

'The Cable Guy' Announced for Blu-ray
An incredibly underrated comedy, 'The Cable Guy' starring Matthew Broderick and a very dark Jim Carrey is hitting Blu on March 1st.

'BMX Bandits' Announced for Blu-ray
Nicole Kidman's first movie was in this strange Aussie crime drama about criminals that need their walkie talkies back.  It's, well...  It's not great. 

Samsung is Prepping a 23mm Ultra-Thin 3D Blu-ray Player
Samsung may love 3D video, but they're obsessed with 2D electronics.  Their new 3D Blu-ray player comes in at just 23mm.

Oppo Reveals the BDP-95 Audiophile Blu-ray Player
The BDP-95 is a marked improvement over the BDP-93 for those looking for the ultimate in audio quality.

Other News

LG Launching a 65 Inch Passive Tech 3D TV
No expensive, heavy, manufacturer specific 3D glasses for me thanks!  The LG set will use passive 3D tech, allowing you to use the same glasses you got at the theater.

Netflix is the Most Popular Service on Connected TVs
Even free YouTube videos aren't viewed as often as Netflix on internet connected TVs, with over half of poll respondents choosing the service.

Boxee Box Sales Better Than Expected
Unexpected news out of D-Link.  Apparently the Boxee Box has been moving at a steady clip, with sales outpacing supply.  That's the kind of problem you want to have.

New Google TV Facing Delays Due to Poor Reviews
The old Google TV software left much to be desired and the new iteration just isn't ready yet.  Things aren't looking good in Google Land.

Rumor: Logitech Temporarily Suspends Revue Production
Unlike the Boxee Box, Google TV hasn't been living up to expectation.  Rumor has it that Logitech has even suspended production of the Revue until the service improves.

The Bonus View

True Grit is a New Western Classic (Or Is It a Classic Western?)
One of the last movies released in 2010 turns out to be one of the best.  Drew applauds brilliant performances and directing in his review.

The Best Games You've Never Played: 'Earth Defense Force 2017'
If you're a fan of co-op games and exploding giant ants, you'll love the 2006 Xbox 360 title 'Earth Defense Force 2017' -  a ridiculously fun game even if it isn't exactly great.

Open the Salt Mine Doors Please, HAL
Lost footage from '2001: A Space Odyssey' is found in a salt mine.  Josh Zyber explains.

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