The World Needs Only One Big Boss But Will It Be 'The Phantom Pain'

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The sudden appearance of 'The Phantom Pain' and its Moby Dick Studio spurn 'Metal Gear' Speculation.

Friday's Spike VGAs featured the first appearance of the following trailer, ostensibly for 'The Phantom Pain.'

Fortunately, Joystiq has a "an in-depth, spoiler filled look" at the many clues that serve as evidence of the work of Hideo Kojima, and the threads both old and new of the 'Metal Gear' universe.

"The general appearance of the trailer's protagonist, despite his hospital garb and prosthetic limb, is quite "Snake" in nature when considered in the context of the costume design elements that unify the series. While hairstyles and beard/mustache configurations have changed over the years, all Snakes (be them Solid or Naked) have consistently worn a headband and some form of harness/strap system across their chests. While typically military in purpose, both of those elements exist here in the form of a head bandage and the artificial limb's support rigging."

Typically, Kojima will continual tease 'Metal Gear' releases, offering varying degrees of insight as years pass before the final games are released. At the heart of the current speculation is how does this fascinating 'The Phantom Pain' trailer, or would-be 'Metal Gear Solid V,' relate to 'Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes?'

For certain it would seem is the impressive visual capability of the multi-platform FOX engine. As for 'Metal Gear' continuity, even as it grows, it is more cyclical than linear, and there is an inevitability in plot importance when it comes to 'Big Boss' and his clones.

"Where The Phantom Pain falls within the chronology of Metal Gear as a whole is also difficult to extrapolate from the information currently available. We feel it's safe to assume that the game takes place after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3, but where it falls in relation to the rest of Big Boss' history is less immediately apparent."

Source: Joystiq

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