Toshiba: HD DVD Stand-Alone Players Back on Top

Posted Wed Oct 10, 2007 at 12:04 PM PDT by
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Acknowledging recent Blu-ray victories in set-top sales, Toshiba says it reclaimed the stand-alone player sales lead in late September.

As we've previously reported, Sony announced in early September that stand-alone Blu-ray players had begun out-selling their HD DVD counterparts. At the time, Toshiba issued a tersely-worded statement, emphasizing its own year-to-date leadership over Blu-ray in set-top player sales.

Now, according to an article published by Video Business, Toshiba says it's back in the lead, following the September launch of its 3rd-gen players.

Citing new year-to-date NPD figures, the manufacturer said HD DVD players now account for 53% of sales; Blu-ray players, 44%; dual format players, 3%.

But while the manufacturer acknowledged "some weeks" of Blu-ray dominance in set-top players, a quick compare with year-to-date NPD figures released by the manufacturer in early September do indicate a decline in HD DVD dominance. (At the time, Toshiba reported a 55% HD DVD lead vs Blu-ray at 42%.)

We should emphasize that the NPD figures reflect stand-alone player sales only, and do not include sales of the Blu-ray-enabled PS3, the HD DVD add-on for the XBox 360, or computer disc drives for either format.

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