HD DVD Hardware, Software Shipments to Retail On the Rise

Posted Fri Jun 2, 2006 at 11:45 AM PDT by
Out of Stock Sign After consumer demand for HD DVD hardware and software outstripped retailer supply in the format's first month of market availability, additional players and discs are finally beginning to move to stores nationwide, reports Video Business.

Both consumers and retailers have found Toshiba's first HD DVD players in short supply since the format launched last month. According to VB, online web forums have been "flooded with messages detailing problems" finding HD DVD hardware, while major retailers including Best Buy, Amazon and Tower have been unable to meet demand.

"The problem [Toshiba] is having is a better problem than having too much in the market and it not being able to sell,” Abt owner John Abt said. "But from a consumer standpoint, this might not be the best thing."

However, "Toshiba is beginning to ship new players to an increasingly larger pool of retailers on a weekly basis," company VP of marketing Jodi Sally told VB. The company plans to widen the HD DVD format's presence in storefronts nationwide from a current 3,000 outlets to more than 5,000 by year end.

Still, despite inventory replenishments on the way, many retailers are continuing to be cautious in their marketing of HD DVD software, largely due to HD DVD-supporting studios like Warner and Universal switching street dates and announcing short notice of new title releases.

"Any marketing plans are being done right now by the seat of our pants," Terrel Porter-Smith, national video advertising senior manager at Tower told VB. "Until studios get it a little more together and there’s more product out there, we can't do too much. You can't ask the stores to put that much effort into it."
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