OTA Broadcast Loses Viewers - CEA Recommends Auctioning the Spectrum

Posted Wed Jun 8, 2011 at 11:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

Only eight percent of people are getting their TV through over-the-air broadcasts.

Not too many years ago, before the cable boom, there was only one choice for getting your television. We fiddled with bigger and better antennas and played with rabbit ears to get the best signal possible. Now that there are a great many more options, over-the-air programming isn't getting the same love it used to.

The Consumer Electronics Association says that a survey done in December of 2010 indicates that only eight percent of people are getting television from over-the-air broadcasts. That still seems like a fair chunk of the population, but CEA president Gary Shapiro says it's just not enough.

"Using huge swaths of wireless spectrum to deliver TV to homes no longer makes economic sense," he says. "Congress should pass legislation to allow for incentive auctions so free market dynamics can find the best purposes for underused broadcast spectrum, such as wireless broadband."

Source: TWICE

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