Details for Suda51's the 'Killer is Dead' Surface

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Killer is Dead

Grasshopper Manufacture's latest due for the 360 and PS3 this summer.

The latest Famitsu features a six-page spread on the 'Killer is Dead, reports Gematsu. The gameplay and style has been described as descended from both 'Killer7' and 'No More Heroes,' and revolve around the lead character, Mondo Zappa being tasked to eliminate assassins around the world with the aid of his weapon-moldable left arm.

Here are the five character descriptions as extrapolated by Gematsu:

Mondo Zappa: 35-years-old, born in America, the main character. He is the man with the black suit and glasses which appeared in the first public artworks of the game. He regards executing as his job and carries out his work without fear. He is a man of taste and likes to seduce women. His favorite food is half-boiled egg.

Vivian Squall: 25-years-old, born in England, a member of Brian’s execution office, and the younger boss of Mondo. She is a young blond woman who wears a tight, sleeveless outfit. She is usually calm, but can lose her composure when it comes to private topics.

Mika Takekawa: 20-years-old, born in Japan, and Mondo’s assistant. She met Mondo at a certain event, and because she is good at making half-boiled eggs, the two get along and live with each other. She’s a natural airhead.

Victor: A criminal who steals talent from musician jubilees, which play songs of manipulated human emotion. He releases sounds of evil intent from a huge tower, so that he can fill the world with malice. He usually appears like skin and bones, but he’s very robotic when he transforms.

Brian Roses: 65-years-old, born in America, and chief of the execution office. He carries pride in his work, but is indifferent towards his management. He was the best executioner, having had his flesh turned into a cyborg once, but he’s retired now.

Source: Gematsu

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