Overdue and Over-budget, 'Grand Theft Auto V' Gameplay Still Stuns

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Grand Theft Auto V

Mini-games abound, but the heists are pace-quickening.

It has been over five years since 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Liberty City-ed its way onto the 360 and PS3, and gamers are still awaiting the next installment. Until now that wait has meant little more than concept art, with little available on the new game apart from cutscenes, player character introductions and a pieced together map.

That all changes today with the first bits of gameplay being showcased in the latest video of the game. Fans of 'San Andreas' will be pleased to find the video full of jet flying and clothes-buying in addition to a host of other side pursuit/mini-games such as golf, scuba diving, and hunting.

Likewise, the three protagonist dynamic was shown in play in two examples. In the first example, the player first fast roped down from a chopper and into an office, only to be confronted by several individuals, the player then switched to another of the player characters who was flying in the said chopper and began shooting, in effect covering the first player character. The second example was more broad and showed how the the player could pop into the vast world of the game to find one three characters engaging in a day-today event of hot pursuit.

A new mission structure used for heists was also explained with the player choosing the equipment and task sequence for heists from a list. In effect the player will have multiple ways of planning and carrying those mission types.

Finally, multiplayer was briefly teased, as an array of players could be seen flying about, something that Rockstar promises will be detailed further in a future video.

'Grand Theft Auto V' is scheduled for a September 17th releases on the 360 and PS3 and is available for pre-order.

Source: Rockstar

Author: Brian Hoss

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