PSA 'Grand Theft Auto' Online Players Still Losing Progress

Posted Tue Oct 8, 2013 at 08:30 AM PDT by
GTA V online

Rockstar now suggesting that players don't create a new character when an old one disappears.

One week in and 'Grand Theft Auto' Online has made some strides. The patches released this past weekend for both platforms have allowed players access to the online mode, who previously cloud not get past the opening credits. Unfortunately, these fixes have not prevented issues between players and Rockstars cloud servers. Rampant loss of player progress, including properties levels, and entire characters outright continues to frustrate players.

Rockstar is now suggesting that if players encounter such a situation, where their character's progress is partially lost, or the character has disappeared altogether, that players do not create a new character. The implication is that the newly created character will overwrite the old character.

"Updated 10/8/13: If you have previously created a character but see an empty character selection screen when entering GTA Online, please back out to GTAV Story Mode and try re-entering GTA Online through the pause menu (repeat or wait until Rockstar cloud servers are back up). Do not create a new character in the empty slot where your character should be."

Source: Rockstar

Author: Brian Hoss

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