From Watches to Smartphones, Can Sapphire Display Screens be Far Off?

Posted Wed Feb 27, 2013 at 11:00 AM PST by

GT Advanced Technologies bringing "unscratchable" screens to smartphones.

Sapphire, currently popular in watches, is hoping to take up the mantle of "phone screen savior" from Gorilla Glass. As many consumers know, despite having been touted for years, Gorilla Glass is hardly unscratchable, and those scratches are the beginnings of shattered screens, scourge of the rough and tumble smartphone user.

But are sapphire screens practical? Currently, handsets that feature the supposedly durable screens sell for over $10,000, but at the Mobile World Congress, the word is that sapphire screen production is ramping up. With smartphones and tablets targets for the naturally growing crystal, a trickledown effect to other displays is likely.

Even as display sizes balloon, we may reach a point where all screens are touch screens, and suddenly, displays that users were careful to never touch will become handled more and more like tablets. At such a point, products like Gorilla Glass and sapphire may emerge as living room musts.

Source:Digital Trends

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