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SXSW Presentation seeks to illustrate how Glass will remove the barrier of tech by bringing tech closer to the user.

Google's Project Glass is not yet to the point of having people waiting in line overnight and down the street, but in order to get there, Google is still trying to solidify the varied applications of its eye-glass style screen.

At a high level, Google is pushing the idea of each moment in a day where people pull out there phones and tablets, their portable screens, and place those screens between themselves and the surrounding world, can be restored and enhanced by Project Glass. At the practical level, however, Project Glass is still grasping for a killer application.

Many users may find that glancing up at the Glass for its readouts, is the enabling information delivery system that the concept has teased. The Glass touch interface and personal audio output are among the device's characteristics that may muddle its potential.

Google's pitch currently emphasizes that technology is too involved in users' day-to-day interactions, and creates limits. Glass solves these limits without removing the technology. Unfortunately in pushing this new lifestyle concept and searching for a killer app, Google is discouraging application porting. The company wants apps (beyond the basics like photo capture) developed exclusively for Glass. "Designed for Glass. Specifically for Glass."

Glass is expected to have a 2013 general launch, which should allow plenty of time to see if it will be a device that augments the other devices that people currently carry, or stands on its own as some kind of new lifestyle.

Source: CNET

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