Google Glass Teardown Stops Short of Tearing

Posted Wed May 15, 2013 at 09:00 AM PDT by
Google Glass Exposed

The expensive device does not appear to be susceptible to advanced repairs.

As Google Glass floats about in beta mode, one of the questions directed at the new tech involves its internal make-up and reparability. Unfortunately, Bill Detwiler's attempt to crack open a Google Glass unit fell well short of the mark.

Without a green light to destroy the hard-to-come-by $1,500 Google Glass device, the dissection had to be restrained. Still, some aspects are accessible. The actually glasses part of the device, the titanium frame, lenses and nose pieces can be removed from the device just be removing a single Torx T5 screw. After that, the housing around the camera and display assembly is simple to remove, leaving the camera and hinge exposed. Sadly though, that is where the dissection ends.

Stopping short of breaking the device, and using multiple less invasive methods, including applying heat, did not gain entry into the innards of the device's rear and main modules.

The takeaway, apart from being unable to confirm the components of the device, is that device is unlikely to be repairable in a practical sense beyond just the glasses' frame and components. The teardown conclusion is that this characteristic is unlikely to change between now and when the device is released to the mainstream.

Source: Tech Republic

Author: Brian Hoss

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