Asahi Dragontail Glass to Compete With Corning Gorilla Glass

Posted Mon Jan 24, 2011 at 11:00 AM PST by Dick Ward

Because, let's face it, Dragons are way cooler than Gorillas.

Sony made a pretty big deal about their use of Corning Gorilla Glass on their new 2011 line of televisions. Of course, Corning isn't the only game in town, and it looks like the company has some strong competition from one of Japan's largest glass manufacturers.

Asahi Glass has unveiled a new glass that they're calling Dragontail. It's built to resist damage and has been tested in videos against hammers, key scratches, and even dropping.

It's exciting that the glass is strong, but the real application for it is on ultra-thin products. Stronger glass means that manufacturers can use thinner sheets and make thinner products.

The folks at Asahi glass are expecting a 30 percent share of the consumer electronics market by 2012, so expect to start showing up on your devices soon.

Source: Network World.

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