Early OUYA Performance Staked by 3DMark

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Does the $100 price point justify the system's performance?

With the OUYA in the hands of developers and backers, the system has come much further than most other attempts at merging a home console with an either an open-source or Android Market underpinning. The system has, however, hit some growing pains as several early impression features have produced on overall negative image with regards to both stability and software availability.

Likewise, at this still early stage, the OUYA system has been run through Futuremake's 3DMark benchmarking, and the results are open to interpretation. The OUYA is stacked up against a plethora of more powerful Android tablets and smartphones. Systems whose costs can dwarf the OUYA's $100 price. The OUYA is currently ranked 73rd for mobile devices tested in the last thirty days. That ranking is currently exclusive to hardware running the Android OS and does not include either iOS or Windows Phone hardware.

It is reasonable to expect the OUYA's performance to improve significantly with various optimizations over the next two months, but even during that short window more powerful handsets will continue to be released. Of course, the likelihood of yearly OUYA hardware releases remain, but it seems clear that that the system will need unique software and an attractive unique experience/feature set rather than raw horsepower in order to be more than a niche product.

Source: Gamasutra

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