High-Def Digest-Digest: August 29, 2011

Posted Mon Aug 29, 2011 at 01:00 PM PDT by Dick Ward

by Dick Ward

A lot can happen in a few weeks, and that's certainly been the case lately.  New Christmas movies have been announced for Blu-ray, along with a few classics.  New gear has been released, including a pair of flagship receivers. And the cast of one of the most beloved cult comedies of all time has reunited.

'Scrooged' Blu-ray Announced

Christmas isn't too far away and that means it's time for holiday Blu-rays to start rolling out.  First up is 'Scrooged,' my personal fourth favorite - 'Muppets Christmas Carol' will forever hold the number one position.  It's a great flick and one of Bill Murray's most oft forgotten, but also one of his best.  It hits shelves on November 1st.

'It's a Wonderful Life' Double Dip for Blu-ray

Is 'It's a Wonderful Life' already out on Blu-ray?  Sure it is.  Is it a good enough movie that you may as well own the limited edition gift set?  That's your call, but I say yes. In addition to what was already included in the last release, you'll get a booklet, an ornament, and new packaging.

'The Goonies' Gets a Regular Blu-ray Release

'The Goonies' is a great flick, and the Goonies themselves are truly amazing.  They never say "die" after all.  Well, except when they're saying "Goonies Never Say Die."  They say it then.  Anyway, the Blu-ray of 'The Goonies' is finally available outside of the Ultimate Collector's Box packaging.  It's coming as a single Blu-ray on October 18th.

'My Fair Lady' Dated for Blu-ray

Where does the rain in Spain fall?  'My Fair Lady' reveals the mystery. It's a dark and gripping film noir...  what, it's a musical?  Well that's cool too.  It stars Rex Harrison and the incomparable Audrey Hepburn.  You'll be able to get your hands on it November 15th.

Big Lebowki Cast Reunites for Blu-ray Release

People who don't care for 'Lebowski' aren't usually that excited about the movie one way or the other.  People who love it though - they really love it.  They go nuts for it.  They hold conferences about a single movie, dress as the characters, and rehearse the lines.  At this year's Lebowski fest they got a special treat - the cast reunited for an incredibly cool Q&A session.  Even better, you can watch it now.

Gear and Industry News

Pioneer Intros its New Flagship Elite Receiver

Pioneer's new SC-55 and SC-57 are nice and fancy, just like a flagship to the Elite series should be.  They boast a new D3 amplifier, AirPlay, Air Jam and the SC-57 is even THX Ultra 2 Plus certified. Both are available now from authorized dealers.

Yamaha's Top of the Line RX-V Receiver is Shipping Now

The final RX-V receiver was announced a while ago, but the series topping RX-V871 is shipping now, a few months after the others.  It kicks out 100 watts per channel to 7.2 channels and gives you a total of eight HDMI inputs to play with.  You can snag one now for $899.

Definitive Technology Launches New Sound Bars

The latest sound bars from Definitive technology are designed to ensure that you get the best audio quality possible out of the single speaker setup.  The SSA3 gives you three channels - left, right and center - while the SSA5 offers five.  Both sound bars are available now.

Startup Company Milleniata Boasts an Indestructible Disc

Here's a particularly interesting one, especially for anyone who's scratched a Blu-ray or DVD and rendered it unreadable.  Milleniata's new discs, readable by both Blu-ray and DVD players and drives, are made of a stone-like substance and are said to last as long as 1,000 years.  Not too shabby.

The Vudu Movie Rental Service Comes to the iPad

Vudu finally makes its way on over to the iPad, giving you the chance to enjoy your movie rentals on the small screen.  Of course, you'll be watching SD movies on an SD screen, so it's not quite as exciting as you might think. After all, Vudu is all about the HD

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