Bonus View Digest - December 7, 2012

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The end of 2012 is nearing, and assuming the world doesn't end on December 21, our little blog about all things high definition will keep on keeping on, by bringing you the latest news and most enjoyable features.

Monster Madness

Our Monster Madness tournament is still going strong. This week's matchups were a doozy. Be sure to check below and follow the links to cast your vote on which monster should move on. We're almost done with the first round and every vote counts.

Xenomorph Queen vs. Giant Ant – Critter vs. C.H.U.D.

Graboid vs. Gwoemul – Stripe vs. Dilophosaurus

Theatrical News

As the year winds down, a couple of us here at The Bonus Vew are gearing up for another Sundance Film Festival. The festival will run from January 17th to the 27th. Luke and Aaron will be there the entire time covering as much of the action as they possibly can. Just this past week Sundance has announced the films that will be in its 2013 lineup and it's a very strong lineup indeed. Check out some of the selections below.

Sundance 2013 Preview: Park City at Midnight

Sundance 2013 Preview: The Premieres

Sundance 2013 Preview: U.S. Dramatic Competition

This week is extremely light on theatrical releases as the studios take a quick breath before the end-of-year push. Sure, the likes of 'The Hobbit,' 'Les Miserables,' and 'Django Unchained' are coming out in the next couple weeks, but this week it's all about the miserable rom-com 'Playing for Keeps.'

TV Recaps

Before we get into the recap portion of this post, let's take a moment to remember an old friend. As Josh reported this week Mitsubishi will be halting production on rear-projection televisions. These humungous box TVs, which were once the most popular pieces of a home theater, are now officially out of commission. Does that make you feel old?

As for the recaps we have them for 'Happy Endings,' 'American Horror Story,' and 'The Walking Dead's mid-season finale.

Special Features

The Mid-Week Poll this week was about 3D viewing and which format is your favorite way to watch. The Weekend Roundtable focused on the good and bad the world of trailers has to offer. What are some of the best and worst movie trailers you've ever seen?

That's it for this week. Continue to follow along with The Bonus View because in a little over a month we'll be traveling to Park City for another Sundance Film Festival. You won't want to miss any of our coverage. Until then, stay warm and watch good movies.

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